Physical Therapy, Exercise and Rehabilitation

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I cannot emphasize just how important it is for everyone, not just patients suffering from Rheumatic disorders, to have a regular exercise routine. It is equally important for people suffering from soft tissue disorders such as Rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, tendonitis of the hand and wrist to not just rely on medication and injection therapy but to partake of the rehabilitation advice that will be given to you at the time of your visit.
I will attempt to outline some simple regimes that may be of benefit and in most cases can be done at home.
I strongly suggest that patients seek advice from registered Physical therapists. They are skilled in assessing the problem, initiating treatment and providing guidance for any home based programs and preventing recurrence of the injury.
The programs I will outline must be done in conjunction with professional advice from your doctor and or physical therapist!
A number of very useful video links developed by professionals are available on resources such as YouTube, I have included those links where appropriate.


Rotator cuff workout – exercises for injury prevention


Elbow, wrist and hand

Tennis Elbow: Treating epicondylitis using a Flexbar (Tyler Twist)


New videos coming soon!!


Spinal Column

Pilates for Back Pain


Pilates for Shoulder and Neck tension


Lower Limb

Plantar fasciitis