About your first visit

Your first visit will last at least 30 minutes, please try to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, there is always some paperwork!! If you are the first patient of the day, please do not be late, it has a downstream effect on everyone for the rest of the day, if you are running late call us to re-schedule!! I advise people from out of town not to book a first appointment unless they staying in Edmonton.

Please bring a list of your CURRENT medication and a list of any supplements you are taking. Better still fill them in on the new Patient Form, see link below.

Now the assessment is going to entail a history and then an examination and most likely an Ultrasound examination of the affected joints. I am sure most people have had a scan, it is painless and harmless, there is no radiation at all. What I do need is access to the affected area, best to remove all rings, watches, bracelets etc and leave them at home! With our cold winters, being all dressed up can create problems, so remember to dress in layers in winter so I can get to the affected area. For the ladies, if it is a shoulder, consider a sports or strapless bra if possible.

If it is the hip or lower back feel free to bring a pair of your own short pants.

We will ask you to remove your shoes in Winter, before entering the examination room. Feel free to bring some “Home shoes”.

Now on your arrival you will be greeted by Olena. If you have any queries or concerns about your visit please contact the office ahead of time so we can try to resolve them before you arrive. We all look forward to being of service to you.



With the current Covid-19 restrictions in place regarding numbers  and also the need for social distancing in the facility we are going to ask the following of you:

PLEASE be understanding and listen to the front office staff!  Bring only what you need in the clinic, extra clothing etc please leave in your car.

Go to the Washroom before coming to the clinic if possible.

You will be asked to sanitize your hands on entry to the clinic.

Only an essential helper or translator may accompany you.

If the clinic is full, you may be asked to wait outside for a short period until your appointment time.

I do my best to be on time, if am running late, it is due to circumstances beyond my control!!

Feel free to complete the new patient form and send to us before your visit!

New patient form may be found here: New patient details

It is our hope our visit will be a pleasurable experience, let us know if there have been problems!!

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