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The internet is awash with wonderful resources aimed at bringing knowledge to your fingertips. I also warn, the internet is awash with vast amounts of information, that does not always equate to knowledge and there is a vast amount of quackery out there, so beware. I am not going to re-invent everything and on this page I would like to introduce you to RheumInfo. This is a wonderful resource, free, and for the benefit of patients, allied health professionals and Rheumatologists. It was developed under the guidance of Dr. Andy Thompson, practicing Rheumatologist from London, Ontario. The information here accurate and reliable and above all, relevant to Canada.

For more information on the Rheumatic disorders, go to the Diseases page of the website.

There is also a comprehensive list of all the common Medications and many of the pages can be downloaded for later offline reference.

A second resource, slightly closer to home is the Alberta Rheumatology website.

This will give you a listing of the other Rheumatologists in Edmonton, Calgary and some of the community Rheumatologists in Edmonton and Calgary with contact details.

I have included some other links to facilities I have visited and feel provide reliable information for the benefit of patients, these can be found on the “Links” page.