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The internet is awash with wonderful resources aimed at bringing knowledge to your fingertips. I also warn, the internet is awash with vast amounts of information, that does not always equate to knowledge and there is a vast amount of… Read More >

Pregnancy & Arthritis

There is arguably no happier event in any woman’s life than welcoming a new child into the world, something that I think a lot of us take for granted. This is a special event and there is no… Read More >

Sex & Arthritis

It is without doubt a taboo in society to talk of sexual issues openly. People at the best of times, find it most difficult to allow others in their “space” to disclose intimate details of life… Read More >

Diet & Arthritis

There are certain arthritic conditions which are definitely partially treatable with diet, these include gout and coeliac disease, which are distinct entities. In these -diet is a factor. In the case of gout, the cell nucleus is metabolically broken down,… Read More >

Physical Therapy, Exercise and Rehabilitation

I cannot emphasize just how important it is for everyone, not just patients suffering from Rheumatic disorders, to have a regular exercise routine. It is equally important for people suffering from soft tissue disorders such as Rotator cuff injuries, tennis… Read More >