Update for Edmonton and Grande Prairie_2nd June 2020

Clinic Hours | June 2, 2020

Greetings to everyone, I hope the warmer weather (albeit a bit wet) and more relaxed environment has cheered everyone up a bit, these have been a challenging few months!!

The number of new cases in Edmonton has decreased dramatically and that is most encouraging, remember the number has decreased, not gone to a sustained zero yet so please,, be thoughtful and mindful of the safety of everyone, restaurants are opening small social gatherings are happening but keep the distance, wear a mask when in the near company of others and wash hands surfaces regularly and carry hand sanitizer.



The clinic is open again from Monday to Thursday 0900 to 1200 and 1300 to 1600, and on Friday 0900 to 1200 Noon.

Patients on the waiting list are being contacted and invited to attend for a face to face consultation at the office. I am prioritizing those I have deemed priority and urgent cases and then the elective cases, I do hope to keep the waiting list shorter than two months.

You will be contacted for your appointment by the office staff and there will be certain steps that need to be followed.

Remember, I share clinic space with a family practice and am inside a very busy superstore so:

You will be asked to come alone unless you need assistance or a translator!

Wear light clothing, avoid jewellery!

You may be asked to wait outside. or in your car until called in dependent upon the number of people in the clinic.

Please wear a mask. The nature of the encounter will mean we are closer than six feet so mask is mandatory.

We will ask you if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection.

If you feel uncomfortable with an in person visit I can in the interim off you a telephone consultation, please let the office staff know when they speak to you.

The office telephone number is:

780 6163811

If this is your first you find out more about your first visit here


The clinics are up and running, the clinic at the end of May and June went off very well, thanks to the wonderful staff at the PCN in Grande Prairie that made it happen, your support is truly appreciated.

As for the Edmonton clinic the following does apply:

Please do not be late, especially if your are first in the morning!!

Call us when you arrive, we will let you in!

We share space with the after hours unit at the PCN so numbers in the clinic  at any one time are controlled.

Wear a mask. You will be closer to me than six feet!!

Come alone, unless an aide or translator is required.

Wear light clothes and try to avoid jewellery.

If you feel uncomfortable at this point to have a face to face consultation, we can arrange a telephone consultation, let us know when we call you.

The Grande Prairie telephone number will only be manned during the running of the clinic, at all other times call the Edmonton office for enquiries.

Grande Prairie number is:  1 (780) 2962082

Edmonton number is:          1 (780) 6163811

Our Telehealth provider is:



Please register if you are interested in Telehealth consultations.

Our next clinic is Friday 24th July to Sunday 26th July