Update for Edmonton and Grande Prairie September 2021

Clinic Hours | September 7, 2021

Greetings everyone, this is an updated news item for our clinics in Edmonton and Grande Prairie.


My apologies for the delay but we have been very busy with the planning of a new medical clinic in Windemere, South West Edmonton which has at long last come to fruition.

The development of the clinic and the final move date has unfortunately been delayed due to a number of factors that have affected virtually every new construction and renovation during the current pandemic. Shortages of basic materials has been one of the most problematic but I’m happy to say that at long last the clinic is just about complete and should be ready on 13 September.

We have developed the clinic from the ground up and hopefully will provide a very comfortable environment for all of our patients.

The clinic will be located inside the Windermere Health and Businesses Center which is located at:

6055 Andrews Way
Edmonton Southwest, Alberta T6W 3S9

The clinic is in the Windermere area of Southwest Edmonton, it is very easily accessible from the Anthony Henday Highway, the exit ramp from both East and West approach Is Rabbit Hill Rd, a very useful landmark is the large Sentinel storage facility.

There is ample parking at the clinic.

Now, I would request that all people visiting the clinic make themselves aware of the requirements laid down by Alberta Health Services  regarding the compulsory use of masks in all public places as well as healthcare facilities. As you are aware we still have increasing numbers of patients being infected with Covid 19, most of the people being infected at the moment are unvaccinated so again it is my appeal that those who not vaccinated consider getting themselves vaccinated. We would appreciate if patients came to the clinic unaccompanied, we will not under any circumstances be able to accommodate accompanying individuals except a translator if necessary and a carer  for a patient requiring care during the visit.

Any other accompanying people will be required to wait outside and we will try to limit the number of people at any one point in time in the clinic in accordance with current regulations.

I do request everybody to please be on time particularly if you’re the first patient of the day, please review the first visit guidelines and please feel free to complete the new patient form which can be found on the website, that can be submitted prior to your visit.
I do ask that you please make it easy for me to access the areas that I will need to examine. All patients will undergo a physical examination and most patients will undergo an ultrasound examination of hands, wrists possibly feet and ankles so dressing in layers is always worthwhile and if patients are going to have shoulders examined please make sure that I have access to those areas, for the ladies it is easier to wear a strapless bra.

This is certainly an exciting time and I am so looking forward to the new facility that I’m sure will provide a comfortable environment for your visit.


The clinics in Grande Prairie are ongoing, the schedule for the two next clinics has been published and will be in September as well as October.

With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Northern Alberta particularly Grande Prairie and of  that the clinic is held within the primary care network it is mandatory that all patients were masks throughout the visit and please note that you will be screened prior to entering the primary care network. If you’re feeling unwell or would like to avail yourself to a virtual consultation please let us know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

I do suspect that we will be facing an increasing number of cases over the course of the next few months so please my appeal to everyone who is not vaccinated is to consider getting vaccinated as soon as possible and please pay attention to the basic principles of sanitation social distancing and care and respect for everyone around you.

Should patients wish to avail themselves to virtual consultations I’m always happy to accommodate you wherever possible however in the setting of the first consultation I really do advise that this be a video consultation rather than just a telephone consult.

Virtual consultations are held through Medeohealth, should you wish to register for Medeohealth please let me know and I will arrange for a link to be sent through to you. Video consultations are certainly a much better way to go than just a telephone consultation as it does give me the opportunity to introduce myself and above all perform certainly limited physical examination by means of video. It also enables secure exchange of documentation rather than Email and or fax.