Grande Prairie Clinics

General News | October 8, 2018

I am very happy to announce that the visiting clinic service to Grand Prairie will be starting again, the first clinic will be on the 26th and the 27th of October 2018 and the venue will be, the Grande Prairie Primary Care Network, situated in the Oak Ridge business centre, next to the entrance to the Royal Oaks. I will post the Google maps geotag and contact details in the nest few days. The clinic will also have its own Ultrasound Machine, I am very excited about the opening made possible by the generosity of a business leader in the community who has seen the need to re-establish the service in the city and surrounding area, more about that later. I also look forward to returning and hope to be able to provide the community the service it deserves!!!

Well our first two clinics have gone off without a hitch! Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Grande Prairie PCN for all their help and support .