Edmonton and Grande Prairie clinic updates 24 March 2020

Clinic Hours | March 24, 2020

This notice concerns the operation of my clinics in Edmonton and Grande Prairie.


Edmonton office is temporarily closed until the 6th April 2020 to all booked patients. We will be contacting everyone by telephone to discuss healthcare issues, if the problem is deemed urgent I will do my best to facilitate a time and venue to see you. I will ensure continuity of medication particularly those on biologics and oral medications. We have been granted extensions by most insurers so if a renewal is pending we will be able to ensure your medication supply is not interrupted. I will publish updates here as the situation demands, it is a changing landscape so please refer back regularly, contact the office if necessary, calls will be answered within 24 hours. Stay home and PLEASE practice social isolation, wash your hands and do not panic, we will all get through this together!!


At this point the visiting clinics in Grande Prairie for April are cancelled. These were held at the PCN clinic, Oak Ridge Business Centre, 11745 – 105th St, Unit 104.

The PCN is resticting entry and screening patients and needs to avoid any congestion, the right decision and that means we need to reschedule.

I will be in contact with everyone on their booked days by telephone to discuss medical problems, make management plans and ensure continuity of your medication. The moment that the situation at the PCN is deemed safe for patients and our staff we will re-schedule and re-book everyone. In the interim, stay at home, practice social isolation, wash hands and together we will all get through this.