COVID 19 update

General News | March 16, 2020

This pandemic has taken everyone by surprise! The situation is very fluid at the moment with changes in the numbers around the world changing on a moment by moment basis. Government and Health authorities are updating recommendations and guidelines that affect all of us, including the health care professions on a daily basis.

Rheumatologists in Edmonton have published some guidelines which we hope will be of benefit to our patients and may be read by visiting:

Due also to the advised restrictions on non-essential travel, guidelines regarding potentially immuno-compromised patients attending general health care facilities and our desire to see patients practice sensible social isolation, I have cancelled the additional clinic in Grande Prairie this coming weekend and will contacting everyone by telephone over the weekend to explain, see if there are any needs and advise on the provinces biologic program which we have appealed and requested switching be delayed under the current circumstances. No-one will be deserted I will make every attempt to be in touch with everyone but until the situation improves, face to face consultations will be reduced for my patients in Northern Alberta. I am also advising against any unnecessary travel, so do not drive to Edmonton, stay home!! Skype bandwidth is under pressure at the moment worldwide, but if I deem that an option we can consider that as well. This is a time for common sense and community support to prevail, we need to support each other and not place anyone at risk of infection, especially the most at risk, our elderly and those with chronic medical conditions.