COVID 19 update for Edmonton and Grande Prairie Clinics 29 Apr 2020

Clinic Hours | April 29, 2020

Apologies for the slight delay, but here is the promised follow up for the next week or so. The clinic in Edmonton will remain closed this week and next week to routine patient bookings, just about everyone on the elective waiting list has been contacted and re-booked, a definitive date will be given obviously the moment I am going to be able to open up. I am going to start seeing patients that I have considered priority patients next week, those patients will be contacted tomrrow and booked for next week, I will get the office prepared in the next few days.

There will be some guidelines the office administrators will discuss with you, remember the clinic shares space with the Superstore and a Family practice, so distancing measures and thorough cleanliness are mandatory. Avoid watches, jewellery, bracelets etc, weather is good so wear light layers!!

If possible come alone but those who need an escort (after injection) must bring the escort, we will ask if they would not mind waiting in the car. We will be as quick and efficient as possible.

The clinic in Grande Prairie scheduled for the end of May 2020, 22 to 24th May is still I hope going ahead, I will be in regular contact with the PCN on this matter and keep everyone updated on this page.

Things are looking encouraging in Alberta, Especially Edmonton and the North, so let us keep it that way.

Until next week.