Clinic Hours | May 7, 2020


Greetings everyone and again, a slight delay but this time due to the website update, as you may have noticed the site is in the process of an update.

With regard to the situation in Edmonton, we are starting a gradual re-opening of the clinic with immediate effect.

What that means is that I am starting to see all the people I have deemed in need of priority appointments, we are contacting and booking everyone. Now the numbers of people, we can see is being influenced by many factors not least being the requirement to maintain spacing in the clinic and avoid any crowding, I do share space with a family practice and we are inside the Superstore!!!

Also availability of Protective equipment has to be sourced, that is in process and may take a little bit of time but generally everyone will be seen as soon as possible. Probably from the middle of the month, we will start booking elective patients on the waiting list. So, this is encouraging, the return to a resemblance of normality will be gradual and I hope, ordered.

If people do not wish to come in for an appointment now, we can offer a telephone consultation or re-book you, just let us know when we contact you.

The simple guidelines that will occur at the clinic are:

PLEASE enter the clinic alone, no escorts or family members, if a translator or assistant is required inform us when we contact you.

Do not come to the clinic if you have a respiratory illness, we will offer a telephone consult.

Wear a thin layer of clothes, leave extra layers in your car.

Wear a mask in the clinic.

If the security at the entrance to the stores is forming a queue, let them know you are coming to the clinic.

This will be challenging for all of us, let us make it work!!!



The clinic scheduled for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th May is on!!

The PCN has kindly agreed to accommodate us.

If however you do live outside of the town and would prefer a telephone consultation, please let us know when we contact you, we can provide the service.

The guidelines to be followed are:

You must attend alone, if a translator or assistant is required LET US KNOW WHEN WE CONTACT YOU.

A single layer of clothing please, leave the jewellery bracelets et  at home.

You will be required to wait in your car OUTSIDE the clinic until your appointment time, we will call you in when we are ready, so PLEASE BRING A MOBILE PHONE WITH YOU AND MAKE SURE WE HAVE THE NUMBER.

We need to avoid any form of crowding in the clic, the clinic rooms are small!

We will start contacting everyone soon to confirm your appointment.