COVID-19 Update, Edmonton and Grande Prairie clinics. 13 April 2020

Clinic Hours | April 13, 2020

Greetings everyone, these past few weeks have certainly been challenging for everyone I have no doubt, I hope everyone is adapting to the confinement and perhaps finding some time to just chill relax, read that book you have been meaning to, make contact with friends and family.

Most important, I hope some exercise has been part of the daily routine!!

My office will remain closed this week and next week, I will review next week based on the weekly briefing report from the Health authorities, things are looking encouraging but we still need to be very vigilant! I will continue to make contact with everyone who has had their appointment cancelled, this will be a telephone consultation on the day and approximate time your appointment was booked. Please keep your mobile phones on so I can contact you. We will also re-schedule the appointment and make sure you are seen!!

With regard to Grande Praire, the next clinic was scheduled for the 24, 25 and 26th of April, that has been cancelled and I am sure that we will be able to run the clinic in May, scheduled for the 22nd of May!! There are many patients who have had their appointments postponed and I will try and see if the Grande Prairie PCN will be able to accommodate us for some extra clinics in the early summer so we can catch up!!

I have been so encouraged at how everyone has behaved and adapted to this, but from Canadians I expect nothing less, to everyone congratulations and let us not forget the tireless efforts of those who keep us going, our truck drivers doing deliveries, our Police, ambulance and firefighters who have HAD a lot to deal with, to the wonderful people manning food delivery, preparing take, serving coffee at the drive through, serving us at the supermarket. To everyone, YOU ROCK, THANK YOU!!!!!