Covid-19 outbreak update 03 April 2020

General News | April 3, 2020

I hope everyone is well, taking the advice of our national and provincial healthcare experts to heart. This is a serious situation with many unknowns and the situation is changing on a daily basis. What is clear, crowd reduction and social distancing is the best way of reducing community transmission and community spread. Essential services must run, that includes Health care, maintaining our supply chains to ensure food supply, utilities and garbage removal, we must maintain those services and keep the people maintaining those services healthy, so please listen to the experts. I fully understand how painful this is but this is going to be the best way to flatten the curve and get people back to work and our economy going again.

It is not at this point going to be possible to start face to face consultations at this point in either Edmonton or Grande Prairie. I am going to put an optimistic hope that will see clinics open in two weeks time so Monday the 20th in Edmonton, but that will be up for weekly review, I get updates usually once a week. The GP clinics are dependant on other factors, Airlines, hotels, the PCN etc so I have decided to cancel all clinics for the Month of April. I will be contacting all patients on the scheduled date of their appointments and hold a tele-consultation with you, please keep your phones on, I cannot guarantee an exact time but it will be close to your booked time. I can also attend to any prescription renewals and laboratory results that need to reviewed, if you have been referred I will be looking at the referrals and also contacting anyone who I deem needs contact, otherwise those will be booked electively and I cannot at this point say what the wait times are, again the moment I have an update I will publish that on the website.

I am exploring the use of Videoconferencing for patients, this can now be done, our Health Administrators have woken up to the technology, sad it took a pandemic to do it! The platform I am going to use is called Medeo, it is done through the Electronic Health care record system I use (Accuro), it is secure and cost free for you. More news on that as I implement it, but in the meantime if you are interested in this, you could download the App to a mobile device or register through the Website, The only additional information I will require as part of your Health information is your Email address. Please note, if many members of the same family want access, you must all have your own account and Unique EMAIL address, there are ways to set up Aliases of a primary Email address, but you cannot share an Email address!!

Please check back regular I will post updates as they become available. Stay home, stay safe, let us get over this an let us get our Great Country back to work!!